About Me

About Me

Megha is a Playback Singer in the Indian Film Industry. She has worked with prominent music directors like A R Rahman, Illayaraja, Harris Jeyraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Devi Sri Prasad, Vidyasagar, Vijay Antony, D. Imman, Mani Sharma and others

Megha is also a terrific Performer. She has performed in several stages for corporates, TV shows, music fests and star nites.

Megha (also known as Harini Ramachandran), also owns the ‘School of Excellence‘ group of companies. Her businesses have set ground in unconventional areas of mastery such as Excellence Installation’ in a 6 day format called ‘uP!withNLP‘ which is a flagship program sought after by the who’s who in India and around the world. Megha (Harini) is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is endorsed by the co-creator of the field of NLP Dr. John Grinder as one of the finest in the field of NLP. Her partner in business Antano Solar John, is an NLP Wizard of the highest repute and together, some of the other revolutionary businesses they have founded includes ‘NLP Bliss‘ where one can Get Immediate Measurable Changes in their Life with the help of an NLP Bliss Practitioner handpicked by Antano & Megha (Harini).

Megha uses her unique skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming to help people Accelerate their Learning Journey – in Music & other fields. In this regard, she has also worked with A R Rahman’s ‘Sunshine Orchestra’, a group of young musicians to accelerate their learning journey. Megha also helps tone deaf, rhythm deaf people to sing soulfully.

Apart from Music, Business and Transformation, Megha also loves Baking, swimming aspending time with family & friends and a huge social media buff!

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