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Megha, the Song bird

Singing the tune of Soul
Deep melodies, thin air, whisk of style
Entertain. Empower. Heal.
“Miracles happen. Just let them happen to you”

Singer Megha is an Explorer pushing boundaries and finding out what’s really possible. Expanding scope, Breaking limiting beliefs with UnConscious Patterning…

Researching in Human Excellence,  Singer Megha finds inspiration and models of excellence in different fields and creates methodologies to replicate The Excel Code.

Life comes a full circle with Music & Healing joining hands to create a powerful confluence that allows her to own the stage and let her deep aura to create Magic… As she entertains, enthuses, excites, exuberates, transforms through her greatest assets – Her Voice, Her Healing hands

Explore Singer Megha (also known as ‘Harini Ramachandran’ in the Business world) through her works:

Music    Business    Transformation